Friday, November 30, 2007

Google Hacking ---All tested and 100% work---

cari shell PHP (intitle:"PHP Shell *" "Enable stderr" filetype:php)

mantap nih buat liat file (sukur2 busa upload sekalian deface) ("Powered by PHPFM" filetype:php -username)

nih buat liat password (tapi beberapa di enkripsi)
(wwwboard WebAdmin inurl:passwd.txt)

intip database admin (allinurl: admin mdb)

panen password SQL (filetype:sql ("passwd values" | "password values" | "pass values" ))

asik buat ngirim file ("File Upload Manager v1.3" "rename to")

nih masuk database PHP ("File Upload Manager v1.3" "rename to")

buka-bukaan database
(intitle:phpMyAdmin "Welcome to phpMyAdmin ***" "running on * as root@*")

udah dulu ya...capek nih ntar di lanjut lagi


Desphi SPHIZar said...

Alah itu mah kayaknya nyontek dr software google hacks 1,6 aq jg poenya

Letícia said...

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HidupTerus_lastzkizz said...

ko emg loe nyontek dimana? kekekeke
ne wa


Anonymous said...

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